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Money can’t buy happiness, but it can solve a lot of stress.

A famous study in 2010 by Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School said making money helps make you happier … up to $75,000 a year.

Sure, we can debate the study endlessly.

How do they define happiness?

How do you define happiness?

What if you live in a big expensive city compared to a more affordable small town?

What country and currency?

And what about in today’s dollars?

But let’s not get lost in the debate.

Can we agree going from having no passive income to having passive income to fund a comfortable retirement would make you less stressed?

And that going from making ends meet to having some extra money beyond that would, too?

If so I think the better question really is: how do you make $75,000 passively, without having to work.

Well, it’s not a enormous target. In fact much more is possible.

Step into the arena of property investment.

If you are looking around seeing so many people become successful in property investment.


Stop comparing yourself to them.

Just compare yourself to who you used to be. And if you haven’t been achieving the gains that you would like, it’s time to ask – do I have a predictable system to acquire top 5th percentile cashflow and growth assets and compound?

If you do, and it’s proven, then continue doing what you’re doing!

If you don’t, and are relying of piecing together information from a dozen different sources hoping it ‘sticks’, then it might be time to ask for some help.

Here’s to you success. Not just everyone’s success. But YOURS.



Because you are responsible for your success.

PK Gupta
Published: 18 Jun 2021


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