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My Story


My Story

Just over 10 years ago my partner (now wife) and I wanted to start investing in property to create passive income.

We saw almost everyone working a 9-5 for 50 years, with nothing to show for it.

No freedom, no flexibility, fearful of being made unemployed from a job they didn’t like. Because they relied on it.

As second generation immigrants, we knew struggle and how hard our parents worked.

But we wanted a different life.

Not to be “rich”. But to be independent. To have time to do the things we love, with the people we love. Continued below…

My Vision

My vision is to see people reach achieve their full potential

My Mission

My mission is to remove financial stress so we can all do the things we love, with the people we love

Our Brand

Living life inside the box means to be restricted, oppressed and mainstream. Living outside the box means to have choices, freedom and flexibility.

The same is true in real estate. Inside the box means to follow the myths. Outside the box means to follow the data and ignore others’ opinions.

My Journey


My Journey

When I went to learn about property investing all I could find back then were conference room seminars where some “expert” would skim through some basic strategies and try to sell you an off-the-plan property in the end at the back of the room.

This didn’t feel right to my partner and I.

I was an Investment Banker at the time, working at JPMorgan. I was in stock research and trading, advising and doing $100M deals for superannuation and managed funds.

I knew data and statistics. In the stock market we “lived” numbers. But in real estate, everyone was towing the same old line, “infrastructure, proximity to CBD, amenities, train stations, vacancy rates, yields”. As if following 5-10 high-level indicators would get you the passive income you needed to leave the 9-5.

So I decided to collate all the property data available (50+ factors) and run the “multi-variate regression analysis”, normalising for “auto-correlation”, to understand the “coefficients and thresholds”, what truly drives capital growth and positive cashflow.

I used this system to start our own portfolio and it worked, getting better and better with more experience and the real world “street smarts”.

Now I have a $120,000 passive income and have helped hundreds of people start and accelerate their passive income journey over the last 5+ years.

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