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Imagine flying?

Need to go somewhere? No need for a car or traffic, just launch into the air and fly there. Imagine the difference that would make to your life?

Flying would be awesome. The problem is gravity prevents us from doing it. The gravitational pull of Earth keeps us grounded.

But… We can “fly” if we get far enough away from Earth.

It’s not that humans can’t fly. They just can’t fly when close to Earth.

Why am I talking about this?

The same is true in property investing.

We dream of scaling our portfolio to high levels (flying), but most of us are stuck on the ground with one or two “dud” properties.

The gravitational pull that keeps you small in property investing is a lack of growth and positive cashflow.

And the biggest reason for “dud” properties is “lack of data”.

Paying a Buyers Agent or buying yourself and realising that the property hasn’t gone up in value – EVEN AFTER TWO YEARS!

Ignoring property data will keep you small and its gravitational pull will ensure that it’s physically impossible for you to fly. (just like humans flying on Earth).

So how do you escape it?

The same way you escape gravity, by getting as far away from the source as possible. The further you distance yourself from it, the weaker its force.

Humans can fly in space. (far away from Earth).

Property portfolios can scale with capital growth and positive cashflow. (far away from guessing where to buy, or worse still paying someone to guess where to buy ?).

If you think you can scale your portfolio without mastering advanced property data, you’re as delusional as the person jumping off a 4 story building attempting to fly.

It’s physically impossible. And you will pay the price.

I remember tearing myself apart trying to be the exception of this rule when I was first starting out. I knew of nobody doing it successfully and dozens who had given it everything and failed.

But I thought I’d be “the exception”.

I wasn’t.

Just like the thousands who’d failed, I failed. For the exact same reasons.

Following the herd and macro data points (population) does not work. I learned this the hard way.

It seems like it should. But it doesn’t.

The moment I made the switch and committed to understanding advanced property data — my portfolio escaped gravity.

Once that gravitational pull of ‘buy and hope” was removed, all the friction and resistance fell away. 5-years later, we were at the Moon.

Reflecting back on it now, to think my portfolio makes 6-figures per year is insane. If I’d kept relying on guesswork or outsourcing the accountability, this would be impossible.

Making the move from following the herd to conquering the data across three dimensions of analysis was pivotal.

Without that decision, I’d still be in the same place burning human energy in a battle against physics and gravity. Trying to be “the exception”.

I’m seriously glad I made the move. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t made the change.

Are you ready to make that change?

Are you ready to escape the gravitational pull of being a dot in the masses and guesswork?

Or… Would you rather keep fighting physics and gravity?

Your choice!

But if you’re ready to escape the laws of the “normal” portfolio universe and play a bigger game — then let me show you the roadmap.

PK Gupta
Published: 18 Jun 2021


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