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The content is delivered in an online environment, to be completed at your own pace. You simply need a computer to participate and an eagerness to learn.

The format is video based, with practical screensharing and step-by-step tutorials on “what” to do, “why” to do it, and “how” to do it – all the way from long term portfolio strategy right down to how to interpret an easement on a property.

All the tools and templates and contacts are provided to make it actionable and practical.

There is also an App for IOS and Android so you can learn while taking a walk, at the gym or on your commute.

We also provide personalised support and guidance, which comes in the form of a private community forum for clients, weekly group coaching via Zoom, and personalised support through email for helping you vet specific deals.

This is the only real estate education course that provides personalised support, with lifetime access to the course and lifetime support for future property purchases.

Our clients are all over Australia, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, NZ and USA. They across all of Australia, completely remotely.

Advanced property investing, beyond the level at which most real estate professionals operate at, cannot be taught overnight.

But nor do you need to have time for classroom-based education.

It’s a self-paced course called the Property Investment Accelerator – so you can do it as quickly or slowly as you like – you have lifetime access and support from us.

Clients have bought property as quickly as 9 days after starting, or as slowly as a year after starting. But normally it takes 3-5 hours a week to buy a property in 1-2 months.

However, this is not surface-level information or generic property knowledge. Nor is it simply “packaging up” information you can find easily online. It’s deep, practical, systematic and structured.

No. There is no conflict of interest in our education & mentoring.

The total cost is less than half a typical Buyers Agent fee, and enables you to buy as many high performing properties as you like throughout your life.

It is $6,197 including GST for lifetime access to the course and lifetime mentorship.

We provide lifetime mentorship for as many properties as you buy – so it’s not just a course per se. For example you can come back and buy another property each year for the next ten years and we’ll still be there to help you – at no extra cost. This is unique in the market place but is needed.

You can either pay the $6,197 upfront, or pay two instalments of $3,300 over two months, whichever you prefer.


Please view the comparison tables here.

A lot of our clients are prospective owner occupiers wanting to buy their first home. We specialise in high growth (high cashflow) property. So if you want to buy to live and don’t care about growth, then we can’t add much value to you.

But if you want your home to grow in value in the short term & long term, so you can use it to launch your property investing, that is exactly what we specialise in helping people achieve.

Of our 1,200+ clients, they range from nurses, carpenters, teachers, doctors, IT professionals, engineers, brick layers, retail workers etc. In other words anyone can do it.

While this is advanced property investing, that doesn’t mean it needs a statistics degree. Everything is laid out in a simple, systematic and structured manner and is able to be implemented by anyone who can add and subtract using a calculator.

The course is tailored to both types of investors. Those who have never bought property before, and also those who already have multiple properties. The course covers both the basics & fundamentals, and quickly progresses to advanced property investing using sophisticated data analysis methods that anyone can learn.

We have had hundreds of brand new investors as clients, and also hundreds of experienced investors buying high growth high cashflow property through the course.

You can hear from over 100 clients yourself on our YouTube Channel Playlist.

We go out of our way to provide free alternatives to paid data sources etc, but there is one source of raw data which is needed in order to conduct part of our suburb analysis which costs around $160.

This is not a subscription contract, but rather every time you want to buy a property, you will need this data in order to be able to rapidly perform part of the quantitative analysis across thousands of suburbs and quickly shortlist your best investment location.

For example, if you wish to buy a property in the next few months you pay for the data and follow the course processes to buy a property. Then let’s say you wish to buy another property in 12 months time, at that time you pay for the data again, repeat the process and buy another property. If you wish to buy multiple properties at the same time you only need to source the data once.

It is not $160 per suburb, but rather $160 for ALL the data.

This is paid to a third party and it is not Core Logic RP Data etc. It is for the raw data, not high level PDF reports which most mainstream property research providers offer.

Everything else is provided.

Yes. You will have support and guidance from us, including me, PK, during the course and also afterwards.

The course is both theoretical as well as practical to implement. It is NOT like a Tafe or University course where you get Power Point slides and ‘hopefully’ you get a job afterwards. The Property Investment Accelerator is practical and implementable as you learn.

Some people do it to learn, and then buy at a later time. They have support through the course and also afterwards.

Other people do it to learn and implement as they go. They also have support through the course and also afterwards.

The support and guidance is not just for your first/ next property purchase, but for a lifetime of purchases.

We are not the type of company who promises support and then doesn’t deliver. It is a critical component of the program with no extra costs involved.

We offer our course clients unlimited and lifetime mentorship through:

1) Mentoring & support through 1:1 correspondence with PK

We don’t provide financial advice but clients as an example send properties and ask questions and I, PK, help them vet the deals. Same with helping them with strategy development, property valuation, negotiation, when/ how to renovate etc.

2) Weekly group Zoom coaching calls with PK

These cover Q&A as well as suburb deep dives and clients volunteer to share their deals with everyone by sharing their screens and running through “how I got this property off market” or “how I identified this growth suburb using the data” or “how I had a local property manager inspect the property and then I how negotiated to buy under market value”. Of course, all this and more is taught in the course but these sessions “breathe life” into the course and improve confidence. All are recorded for future reference.

3) 1,200+ client community forum

This is where we answer every single question posted. The idea is that questions and their answers will benefit everyone and the search function allows quick ‘search & find’ to hundreds of topics, experiences and solutions.

There is no other course like the Property Investment Accelerator. That’s easy for us to say, but go here and review the table that compares the Property Investment Accelerator to other courses.

There is simply no other course in Australia that teaches you how to build passive income through property investing using a DATA System to buy top 5% growth & high cashflow property.

Yes, there are many basic courses out there, many cheaper than the Property Investment Accelerator too. But you “get what you pay for” and most simply lead you to ultimately buying an underperforming house & land package sourced by the same company for an extra fee (where the company actually makes $30k-40k hidden commissions for selling you that property). There is a conflict of interest and the intention was never to teach you, but rather upsell you a Buyers Agent service.

We teach you how to fish, and help you fish. With no agenda.

Absolutely. We guarantee that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get the same results. So that’s our guarantee.

Now with that said, we also guarantee that our system works if you are willing to learn.

But if you’re looking for an “out” before you begin, then we’re probably not a good fit for you because that’s really not the energy that will serve you or us.

Build your trust through the literally hundreds of client reviews, interviews and deals on the Client Results page.


Build your trust through the literally hundreds of client reviews, interviews and deals on the Client Results page.

Join our Facebook Group with 50,000+ clients and investors for FREE STRATEGIES. Join our 40,000+ YouTube Community for FREE EDUCATION.

If you still don’t trust us, try do it yourself. And if you find you are unsuccessful we are more than happy to help you.

Ideally you need minimum $60k in savings or equity plus a regular income from a job or business to be able to get a loan.

We offer our course clients unlimited and lifetime mentorship through:

1) Mentoring & support through 1:1 correspondence with PK

2) Weekly group zoom coaching calls with PK

3) 1,200+ client community forum

We do not provide any other service other than the Course + Mentorship combination.


Property investing is a team sport.

We both teach you how to build a high performing team, and also simply give you a team (including multiple options).

This team includes investment savvy Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancers, Accountants, Property Managers, Building & Pest Inspectors, Quantity Surveyors etc.

We provide these people for all locations across Australia. They are all tried and tested and trusted.

However, if you have your own team, you are welcome to carry on using them.

In comparison to the course, the YouTube content on our channel is very surface level, generic and unactionable.

The course is systematic, structured and designed for you to follow a step by step process to get the results you want, with unlimited mentorship.

It is far deeper, data driven, precise and nuanced that any public content online.

Yes, without exception, including the team, tools, templates etc. It is not simply telling you “what” to do but also “how” to do it and all the data and materials to action what you have learnt.

You won’t need to consume any other content after doing the course.

You also get unlimited lifetime mentoring & support through 1:1 correspondence with PK, weekly group coaching zoom calls and a vibrant 1,200+ client community forum.

There is no “upsell” after the course.

Yes, the weekly group coaching zoom session are led by PK.

The 1:1 correspondence is also with PK directly.

The client community forum is facilitated by coaches and everyone helps each other. But every single question is answered if not by others, then by PK.

While PK would love to speak with everyone before they enrol, the reality is that there is only one of him. He spends all his time helping clients.

There are over 1,000 videos on our YouTube Channel for you to get to know him.

Rest assured, his team that conducts the pre-enrolment strategy sessions are not external contractors. They are all very successful clients of PK with large portfolios and knowledgeable property enthusiasts in their own right.

Yes, wherever the client strategy (which we develop together) and data leads us. We cover all 15,000 suburbs across Australia and identify the ideal “buying window” to be investing in them.

Each client is different. We have clients who have bought $1m properties and clients that have bought $300k properties.

Each client is different. Each strategy is unique. Each location is chosen selectively.

However, the vast majority of clients buy around $500k.

We help client find growth suburbs that also give net income using a synthesis of 30-35 data factors such as stock on market %, days on market, rental growth %, building approvals %, average discounting %, developable land supply, job advertisements, mortgage affordability etc.

Defining the balance between demand and supply using thresholds, weightings and trends. Where demand exceeds supply prices rise. It’s scientific.

It’s not based on our opinion but rather a 35 year statistical study (multi-variate regression analysis) of the factors that need to align in particular combinations to drive up property prices in suburbs.

Of course we also want to make sure the growth suburbs we identify are also high cashflow.

These free resources explain the high level basics. The course covers the entire process step by step in extreme detail including templates, scripts and also provides reliable and proven Property Manager contacts (free) in every location we are buying across Australia.

Once you know how to do this you will never need to spend $10k – $20k on a Buyers Agent ever again, even if you are buying in another city or state.

There’s no additional risk and this can be done by any investor, new or experienced.

Our 1,200+ clients have bought over 3,000 properties interstate with around 30% of them off-market / pre-market.

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We are not a Buyers Agency. We will never show you a property and ask you to sign a contract based on “trust”.

We teach you “how to fish”, then help you “hold the fishing rod” until you are successful. For as many “fish” as you want to catch.

We guide you in vetting suburbs and vetting properties, and empower you with confidence by being an independent mentor with no stake in the deal.

While PK does touch on commercial property & development in the course, this is not the focus and you should not buy the course to learn detailed commercial property investing or property development.

Although recently popular due to increased content online, commercial property & property development carries higher risk and we do not recommend it unless you are a sophisticated high net worth investor.

Firstly, we aren’t the type of business that will try a “hard sell” on you. We don’t require it.

But we understand you need to see proof that what we do has worked again & again for normal people, for you to build trust.

We also understand that businesses will always present a “rosy” picture on their own website Client Results page.

So to help you build your own trust please take the time to go through the following 3rd party materials:

1) 100+ 30 minute long client interviews on our YouTube Channel Playlist

2) 300+ 5 Star Google Reviews

3) 300+ 5 Star Facebook Reviews

4) Google search “PK Gupta Course Review”

5) We are a qualified member of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), Australia’s industry body that aims to bring honesty and integrity into the Property Industry

7) We are a popular columnist at the Australian Property Investor Magazine

8) We post a client property deal every 2 days on our Facebook Group, tagging the client. We have been doing this for years. DM them and ask questions. Do this dozens of times if you need to

And of course actually listen to what PK is saying on his 40,000 Subscriber YouTube Channel, 50,000 Member Facebook Group, & Podcast. If you think he is logical, makes sense, and can help you – then we would love to help you too like we have hundreds of others just like you!

We don’t share our “opinions” about property markets and where to invest or when to invest. We rather teach you the data and help you interpret it correctly based on various statistical techniques including “checks and balances”.

Therefore no one has “failed” because the data is always objective.

Our clients have always outperformed the national average property price growth while buying high cashflow property.

Most clients who already had 1 or more investment properties before joining the course have been able to get a tax deduction. But we recommend you consult your accountant based on your individual circumstances.

Our firm belief is that no one needs a Buyers Agent if they have an eagerness to learn and 3 hours a week for 1-2 months (or less hours per week over a longer span of time).

Our belief is so strong, based on more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of clients successes, that we will not perform a Buyers Agent service even if offered $50,000 per property.

However, we have trained over 75 Buyers Agents through the course over the years and can recommend one of them if you email [email protected].

We have been educating and mentoring clients since 2017. PK has been investing in property markets for over 12 years. You can review PK’s Linkedin Profile for his background & experience.

Yes, the course is updated as and when necessary. Despite having successfully served over 1,200 clients (who have bought over 3,000 high performing properties since 2017), we regularly review the course and it’s underlying statistical foundation in order to improve it and fast-track results.

All updates are provided free of cost to clients.

To protect and respect the integrity of the course and it’s unique depth of knowledge-base we do not allow sharing of the course whatsoever. Login tracking is monitored & legally enforced.

The only exception is that sharing is permitted between spouses.

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