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The content is delivered in an online environment, to be completed at your own pace. You simply just need a computer to participate and an eagerness to learn.

There is also an App for IOS and Android so you can learn while talking a walk, at the gym or on your commute.

I also provide personalised support and guidance, which comes in the form of a private forum for my clients, regular group coaching via Zoom, and personalised support through email/ phone call etc.

This is the only real estate education course that provides personalised support, with lifetime access to the course and lifetime support for future property purchases.

Our clients are all over Australia, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, NZ and USA. They can all buy in Australia, completely remotely.

Advanced property investing, beyond the level at which most real estate professionals operate at, cannot be taught overnight.

But nor do you have time for classroom-based education.

It’s a self-paced course called the Property Investment Accelerator – so you can do it as quickly or slowly as you like – you have lifetime access and support from us.

Clients have bought property as quickly as 9 days after starting, or as slowly as a year after starting. But normally it takes 3-5 hours a week to buy a property in 1-2 months

However, this is not surface-level information or generic property knowledge. The course can not be done with one eye on Netflix.

No. Only our clients pay us. There is no conflict of interest. Ever.

Total cost is less than half a typical Buyers Agent fee, and enables you to buy unlimited high performing properties.

It is $5,997 including GST for lifetime access to the course and lifetime mentorship.

You can either pay the $5,997 upfront, or pay two instalments of $3,200 over two months, whichever you prefer.


Please view the comparison table on the Home page.

A lot of our clients are prospective owner occupiers. We specialise in high growth (positive cashflow) property. So if you want to buy to live and don’t care about growth, then we can’t add that much value to you.

But if you want your home to grow in value in the short term, so you can use it to launch your property investing, that is exactly what we specialise in helping people achieve.

Of our 400+ clients, they range from nurses, carpenters, students, doctors, IT professionals, engineers, brick layers, retail workers etc.

While this is advanced property investing, that doesn’t mean it needs a statistics degree. Everything is laid out in a simple, systematic and structured manner and able to be implemented by anyone who can add and subtract using a calculator.

The course is tailored to both types of investors. Those who have never bought property before, and also those who already have multiple properties. The course covers both the basics and fundamentals, and quickly progresses to advanced property investing using sophisticated data analysis methods that anyone can learn.

We have had hundreds of brand new investors as clients, and also hundreds of experienced investors buying high growth positive cashflow property through the course.

Our most experienced client already had 11 properties prior to doing the course (his interview is on the YouTube Channel)

We go out of my way to provide free alternatives to paid data sources etc, but there is one source of raw data which is needed in order to conduct our suburb analysis which costs $150.

This is not a subscription contract, but rather every time you want to buy a property, you will need this data in order to be able to perform the quantitative analysis across thousands of suburbs and quickly shortlist your best investment location.

It is not $150 per suburb, but rather $150 for ALL the data.

This is paid to a third party and it is not RP Data Core Logic etc. It is for the raw data, not high level PDF reports.

Yes. You will have support and guidance from us, including me, PK, during the course and also afterwards.

The course is both theoretical as well as practical to implement. It is NOT like a Tafe or University subject where you get a bunch of Power Point slides and hopefully you get a job afterwards. The Property Investment Accelerator is practical and implementable as you learn.

Some people do it to learn, and then buy at a later time. They have support through the course and also afterwards.

Other people to it to learn and implement as they go. They also have support through the course and also afterwards.

The support and guidance is not just for your first/ next property purchase, but for a lifetime of purchases.

There is no other course like the Property Investment Accelerator. Go to the Home page and review the table that compares the Property Investment Accelerator to other courses.

There is simply no other course in Australia that teaches you how to build passive income through property investing using a DATA System to buy top 5% growth & positive cashflow property.

Yes, there are many basic courses other there, many cheaper than the Property Investment Accelerator too. But you “get what you pay for”.

Absolutely. We guarantee that if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get the same results. So that’s our guarantee.

Now with that said, we also guarantee that our system works if you are willing to learn.

But if you’re looking for an “out” before you begin, then we’re probably not a good fit for you because that’s really not the energy that will serve you or us.

Build your trust through the literally hundreds of client reviews, interviews and deals on the Client Results page.


Build your trust through the literally hundreds of client reviews, interviews and deals on the Client Results page.

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If you still don’t trust us, try do it yourself. And if you find you are unsuccessful we are more than happy to help you.

Ideally you need $40-50k plus an income of at least $40k per year.

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