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4 Ways To Grow A Portfolio Fast

Here’s how I did it ?

1. Always buy properties with very good cash-flow.
High yielding, positively geared, low maintenance, low tenant problem, low/ no strata properties.

2. Always buy in markets beyond where you live.
Use data to find markets primed for growth in the next year to two years to three years. Not just after 10 years. For the debt recycling principle to work we need short terms growth. Throw the myths of blindly chasing infrastructure, population growth, schools, parks, train stations etc OUT THE WINDOW.

3. Always chase Capital Growth.
Once again, don’t settle for cashflow alone. Ironically, positive cashflow properties alone won’t help you replace your income. Yes you read that right. GROWTH drives a short and long term strategy FAR MORE than narrow minded positive cashflow alone.

4. Always Add Value.
Don’t buy brand new. It’s like buying a Merc out of the dealership – not a good financial decision. Buy something you can renovate, subdivide, split or add a granny flat to in the future!
It’s not rocket science! That’s why even I could do it!

PK Gupta
Published: 18 Jun 2021


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