It's important to get some education BEFORE signing up to ANYTHING

If you’re a DIY property investor...listen up!

When I started out property investing, I felt fiercely independent about the whole thing.

I wanted to make my own decisions…and like a true entrepreneur, that’s what I did.

I had some money saved, and property seemed like a decent next step to growing my wealth, so I backed myself and my own ability…

And went and bought a house.

And then another.

Problem was…

I suddenly had houses that were COSTING me money…

And with so much cash pouring from my pocket, I realised I’d got it wrong.

These properties were meant to be growing my wealth, but all I could see was my bank account shrinking…


While buying an investment property SEEMS like a fantastic, wealth creating idea…

(And it certainly can be!)

There’s an incredibly important step that nearly ALL new investors miss…

Especially DIY-ers.

And it can stop you as an investor before you’re even really out the gates.

Chances are, it’s a step you’ve missed too!

Honestly, 99% of new investors don’t know how to find the balance between capital growth and cashflow.

(And PS, spending $160k on a granny flat isn’t the silver bullet). Your sacrificing at least two houses with that capital and hundreds of thousands of growth over time.

Nor is buy a positive cashflow property for every growth property you buy. That’s nonsense.

The good news is that it is possible…

Creating systems to find growth property that also preserves the cash in your bank is a game changer that’s going to short cut your learning curve if you’re just starting out…

And give you a HEAP of clarity and direction if you’re already in the game.

And you CAN do it yourself…with some guidance from experienced people who learned it all the hard way.

PK Gupta
Published: 18 Jun 2021


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