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Listen, I’m going to be pretty direct with today’s post.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do the things that you want to do or you don’t have enough time to get to work on your dreams, this post is for you.

Society has gotten lost, it’s full of people making meaningless excuses about what is right or what is wrong. People scrolling social media and interacting with chaos and noise that doesn’t add any value.

I hear people say I don’t have enough time to do X because of Y. If you have ever thought this before, you need to listen in.

Stop telling yourself this and feeding your brain CHAOS.

Because here is the reality that most people face:

Investing your time in social media and other activities

The average person has over 50,000 thoughts per day and they interact with roughly three new people a day who also have over 50,000 thoughts per day.

They spend at least 5-hours a day on non-productivity because frankly, they don’t know what their revenue generating habits are or more to the point, they know what to do but they end up procrastinating and delaying what they NEED to do.

Instead they spend 5-hours across one single day browsing the internet visiting around 100 webpages and interacting with hundreds of other people indirectly.

The truth is that this all happens across three devices, six applications, four social networks, three messaging apps, all of which are being used at the same time.

This is completely crazy, the world has gone MAD.

More interestingly enough when you ask these people why they do what they do, they don’t even know themselves…

There isn’t an answer for this MADNESS.

One thing about social media is it helps the world become more connected and creates opportunities.

When used correctly bringing valuable information to others which helps other people achieve their goals and solves other people’s problems this is a good thing.

However, the problem is social media is being misused, its being abused and in all honesty, a lot of people aren’t adding value.

They have mistaken their purpose and as a result they end up using social media to create noise that has no value – INCLUDING PROPERTY GURU’s.

So if you are reading this post and you have ever thought I don’t have enough time, frankly you do:

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, but people choose where to apply their energy.

It’s not that successful people are less busy than you, they PRIORITISE and APPLY THEIR ENERGY in ONE direction.

What I have observed is that people think doing more things in a day is being productive, but when you reverse engineer it into the output that being busier creates for them, the result is NOTHING.

So what’s the solution:
Apply your energy in one direction, focus on what is going to IMPORVE your life and help you get to your final destination this is the SIGNAL, everything else in your life is just NOISE!

The only thing I ask myself every day when I wake up is what can I subtract from my life today to help me serve others better, add value and work on my dreams and my mission.

What INPUTS do I need to do today that will create a better OUTCOME?

That is it.

The secret – apply your energy in one direction, create a NOT to do list.

Does this resonate???

PK Gupta
Published: 18 Jun 2021


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