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Why Aren’t You Where You Want To Be?

Each day I look out my window and into the property market. I see chaos. People investing on hope and experimentation, hoping that one day they will get a passive income to retire early.

I hear people say to me PK I want to have a passive income, I want to feel financially secure.

I have a whole host of employees, and self-employed people telling me every single day, it doesn’t matter how many hours I work, it demands all of me and my time and I can’t step back, whatever I earn it just never seems enough.

When I speak with people that want to get started in property they usually say to me I am worried about my financial future, they say things like I broke my leg a couple of years back and I couldn’t work, it made think what if actually something stops me from working, I have only one income stream that requires all of ME.

They are thinking logically and they are thinking about controlling their future and taking action to making it happen, then at times their villain steps in and they start finding excuses as to why they can’t make it happen. They don’t understand value – they are stuck in a mental feedback loop.

Investment Negative mental feedback chart

Here are the lessons so you don’t make the same mistakes.
1. They are thinking of investing over $50,000 into a property on a principal and interest mortgage trying to pay off their investment property ASAP before buying the next property.

2. They are HOPING that the market was going to go up for them to make some money in the future.

3. They are willing to rely on TRIAL and ERROR!

4. They are not caring about short term growth, and think it’s impossible to predict.

5. They are going to take 2 weeks off work to renovate the property themselves thinking that they were saving money.

6. The LAST ONE… are you ready for it, they are happy to spend money on holidays and build up LIABILITIES at the expense of reaching their goals.

Want to know why this type of AVATAR does not have passive income yet, and has the problems they are facing!

They are investing on HOPE and EXPERIMENTATION and do not see the VALUE in investing in their greatest asset – IMPROVING THEIR EXPERT KNOWLEDGE.

The property market is a BEAST, an ever-changing market that makes property experts RICH and everyday people relying on hope and experimentation BROKE!

People always ask me PK how did you do it? How have you grown from 0 properties to a situation where your properties are giving you sustainable passive income for your family?

SIMPLE – I understand VALUE, I invest in the greatest asset I have and learn from standing on the shoulders of giants. I find the person who can help me or is where I want to be and I pay them to show me how to do it.

I’m not special.

I just continually invest in myself FIRST!

When you don’t understand value, and instead invest on hope and experimentation which meets the cold, unknown and unexpected truth, you will end up living a self-fulfilling prophecy that will keep you trapped.

Right now, it is the buying opportunity of a DECADE.

If want to get financially secure and live a life of freedom and choice, well becoming a good property investor requires you to invest in yourself first to get the KNOWLEDGE and the CONFIDENCE to grow your property portfolio.

PK Gupta
Published: 18 Jun 2021


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