It's important to get some education BEFORE signing up to ANYTHING

Understand The Dynamics of Financial Literacy

Money is useless unless it is used!

Your financial status and level of wealth is a reflection of your ability to utilise your finances

Financial literacy was completely missed out in the current education and employment system. No one ever taught us from a young age how to really keep more of our money and then multiply it

If you desire true freedom in your life, you must master the art of financial literacy

Most people are taught to pay down debt, taught to buy a house pay down as much debt as you can. This is wrong for so many reasons and not financially astute

Money tied up making only 4% to 5% returns is not what wealthy people do

Your passive income must exceed your active income

In all honesty, paying down your mortgage each and every month to zero is a poor mentality

Equity sat in your home is useless from a financial literacy point of view. It’s not making you any money. You must learn to make your money work for you in a safe, responsible and predictable way

Most peoples balance sheets are backwards, upside down

That’s the number one problem 99% of people face

When you utilise your finances in the right way, not only will you make better financial decisions, your life and wealth paradigm will change with it

True freedom is born from asset wealth, where your money is working for you so that you don’t have to. As you get older you make more money by doing less

Paying down your mortgage to zero will leave you living a life of mediocracy – this is my experience having worked with thousands of people.

Learn the financial literacy dynamics they didn’t teach at you school so you can escape the social paradigm and reach true freedom…

PK Gupta
Published: 14 Nov 2022


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