It's important to get some education BEFORE signing up to ANYTHING

The Best Way To Invest Is To Learn How To Do It

Choice is killing humanity.

For the first time – literally – a rapidly growing number of people have choices. And for the first time, they will have to manage themselves. Society is totally unprepared for it.

Think about it..

Back in the day, before the Internet, you didn’t have much choice. Your career was determined by what your father did, or what your local community needed.

Your education was constrained by the books in the library or the teachers within a 30 kilometre radius.

There was one type of soap. It was called soap.

Choice was limited. Simple living, high thinking.

But today…. The amount of choice the average person has is IMMENSE!

1 millions books are published every year, Thousands of podcasts every minute. Millions of articles, livestreams, Vlogs, DM on 6 social platforms, 4 devices, 30 tabs…


Anyway… Here’s my point:

Humans these days have too many choices, far more than their brains can compute, far more than algorithms can compute.

And when humans are inundated with choice they tend to avoid choosing altogether, or they make a bad choice, typically the one with highest instant gratification/ lowest effort.

In life and business, you can learn anything, and do anything.

That’s not the problem. The problem is choosing.

So here’s my 3 cents:

1) Stop consuming so much passive media

2) Stop trying to ‘over learn’ before executing

3) Find a mentor and surpass their level

And make sure your mentor isn’t just a social media performer.

Stop overwhelming yourself with choice. Lock the windows, close the doors, calm down, breathe, think of what you want in life, write it down, find a mentor who’s actually done what you want to achieve (actually).

Now, if you’re in Australia, and want to grow your wealth through property, I can honestly tell you how to do that. Not by $10,000’s, but by $100,000’s. Because I did it. 

I’m not special. You can too.

If you’re tired of the endless noise on social media and burning yourself into the ground trying to figure out what to do, who to listen to, etc.

Then find a path, and follow it.

PK Gupta
Published: 12 Dec 2022


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