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A Buck Saved Is A Buck Earned

From my experience, most people fall into these categories:

Savers — good at being frugal and saving but suck at earning big

Earners — good at earning more income but suck at saving/frugality

Many people who make $80k /year have more money saved in the bank than people who make $1m /year because they live frugally

How is this possible?

It’s possible because a buck saved is equivalent to a buck earned

Earning more money and spending more money cancels each other out

But there’s a third type of person that’s extremely rare (almost nonexistent):

Earner-Savers — good at earning big, being frugal, and saving big

These are the masters! Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Sam Walton

They have asymmetry in their philosophy: Earn BIG, Spend small

Inject asymmetry in your life through property investment

It’s a way for you to earn BIG, spend small, and save BIG!

Take advantage of this unique time in Australia’s housing history

You’ll look back in 10 years and thank yourself that you did


PK Gupta
Published: 22 Dec 2022


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