It's important to get some education BEFORE signing up to ANYTHING

A Guide to Evolving Your Mindset and Making it Your Greatest Asset

Upto one third of Millenials face renting their entire life

The HARSH Reality

From someone who is a prime millennial born in 1989, it really doesn’t have to be this way. 

I see so many people get caught up in a social paradigm that is fixated on the current education and employment system, they read articles about the so called Housing Crisis and they lose hope. 

I hear this one complaint more than any other EVERYDAY:

“I go to work everyday, save hard and still the reality of ever owning my dream home, my dream lifestyle, my dream life is beyond me”

They have ALREADY given up

If you are one of these people I can GUARANTEE one thing, unless you change and evolve into someone else, NOTHING is going to change

You will never achieve your dream lifestyle, no matter how much you save, or how much you continue doing the same things everyday that are giving you your current results

The GOOD news

I as well as so many other Australians are using safe property investing to multiply their wealth, using strategies that have lasted the test of time. 

No secret sauce, hacks or wacks

The best way to make money is to provide real value. 

No one cares about me, no one cares about my story into a multi-million dollar property portfolio, people only ever care if you can HELP them

No one cares about your degree, your social media followings, or any other marketing that you do

I was willing to change and evolve

This is the REAL game changer. Until you learn how to evolve and train your mindset to become your greatest asset and see the world from a new view, things will always appear difficult

This one really is a lot tougher than it sounds, and I have experienced and seen a lot of internal battles and fights go on with this as people evolve through their journey

BUT THE REAL truth is unless you keep evolving and changing you will NEVER get what you want. 

As humans we naturally resent change and our fear gets in the way, its like our fear forms a brick wall and we cannot escape it

This is because we are entering the world of the UNKNOWN and it pushes back and challenges against who we are. 

To conclude, the only reason why I have built this portfolio to where it is today in such a short time is because I was willing to change who I was

Create the perfect portfolio model and learn how to execute it better than anyone else

This one takes iteration over iteration again and again, you need to become a master at what you do, and to do this you need to keep improving and challenging yourself and growing

Waking up feeling inspired and truly loving what you do and feeling passionate about it is wining, you cannot put a price on this

PK Gupta
Published: 28 Nov 2022


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